Recently, I started going through the girls’ storage, sorting items to keep from items that can be sold. It sounded like a great way to declutter our house, and seemed like a good idea, right? 

Never in a million years did I realize just how much internal thought all of this would provoke. 

These small steps of cleaning, and sorting items into ‘keep’ piles, ‘sell’ piles, and ‘toss’ piles, made me decide that I had to make a big decision. If I choose to sell items, then does that mean no more children? I mean, I can always buy a new bumbo if I end up needing one for a new little munchkin, right? Right..??? 

Ugh.. It’s stressful making life altering decisions.. 

Well, one decision down. No more kids. 

Which, even writing that, is a bit hard to choke down. Growing up, I was never that girl to dream of her wedding day, let alone having kids. I always imagined doing my own thing, living in the mountains, with countless amounts of dogs ha ha.. But, now that I have two little ones running, and crawling around, it pains me a little to think that there will be no more to join them. 

I mean, my fate isn’t decided indefinitely, it’s not like I am getting my tubes tied, I’m selling baby items they girls have outgrown for crying out loud. 

Note to self: 

The future is never set in stone. 

Chris xo