Stepping Forward

I realize, I have not been as active in my writing as I told myself I would be. I wanted to write once a week. Once a week. It doesn’t seem like too much to ask of oneself, yet, I only have a handful of posts. 

Not only is motherhood a busy stage in your life, but summer, summer is always busy. You try to pack as many activities, trips, visits and dinners into three short months as you possibly can, that you end up blinking a few times and wake up to yellows, oranges, and reds, replacing the beautiful shades of green that once soothed you. 

This was exactly my summer. 

The only time, where time itself seemed to slow, was our getaway to the mountains. I have such an indescribable sense of serenity throughout my entire body, whenever I am in the mountains. The anticipation grows inside me, as we near the rugged peaks, as the ground below us starts to climb and rise up. My body and mind feel re-energized, stripped of all that stresses me. If you ever have the good fortune of experiencing this feeling, whether you be in the mountains, like I, the foothills, the prairies, the desert, or forest, may you fully take it in. 

As I depart from this wonderland, always with a heavy heart, always with tears threatening to wet my cheeks, I begin to promise myself to return at my earliest opportunity. In the meantime, it is back to the hustle and bustle of home life. Trying my hardest to get into nature as much as possible, before Jack Frost starts nipping at our toes. 

My summer was full of laughs, smiles, and memories of extended family visits. A handful of tantrums and meltdowns from my babies, as well as myself & RA. Hey, adults need to have meltdowns every once in a while too, right? 

Chris xo


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