Unplugging, somewhat 

Recently, in our household, we have had somewhat of an epiphany. 

RA came home from work, and we go through the usual “how was your day” chit chat that has become our routine after spending the day apart. He tells me of his day, and proceeds to ask of mine. This is when, I begin to recite to him the dramas of Thomas the Tank Engine.. 

He starts to chuckle at this, and that is when I realize, “I watch waaaayyy too much cartoons!” 

Usually I just turn on the cartoons for noise, AC only pays attention to the tube when her shows come on, Thomas & Friends, Yup Yups, and so on. What I didn’t realize, was just how much I pay attention to these shoes. Its kind of sad, really. 

Instead of tuning into the ‘toons, I now turn on the radio channel on our satellite, so now I can really say, that its on just for noise. 

Its only been a handful of days since implementing this new routine, and I have already noticed a big change. I see AC relying on herself more to stay entertained, playing with her Thomas & Friends trains rather than watching them. She has started bringing me book, after book, after book, to be read, and more often than you’d think, we take pleasure in dancing to the music we hear. 

I have also noticed a change in myself, as well, I find myself looking out the large windows of my home, into the sky, watching the tip tops of the trees gently sway in the breeze, at the blue jays that perch on the newly placed bird feeder, visible from our living room. 

This all stems from one small change, that has, already, proven to be a large distraction in our lives. 

Chris xo


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