Lately, I am feeling the tug and pull of all my various engagements, activities and interests. I imagine this is how a tree must feel. Like a branch, reaching outwards from the trunk, it splits and divides further and further, slowly thinning as it spreads out. As am I, spreading myself amongst as much as I can fit into a day. 

This feeling seems to come with the holiday season, or so I find it does anyway. You still have your daily life to tend to, your job, your children, your spouse, your pets, your chores.. Bleh. And now, all of a sudden, you throw in shopping for gifts, the wrapping of said gifts, baking, dinners, parties, so on and so forth. 

Only mere weeks ago, I had such an indescribable feeling of balance in my life. I felt like I had finally figured out how to manage my time and body to all I wanted or needed to accomplish in a day. 

Yesterday I made the commitment and promise to myself to start getting myself back on track physically, to start with. Once I start with my physical self, I think that my mind will follow suite. With the holidays in full force, I have quite the feat ahead! Trying to avoid gluttony during this time will be my biggest hurdle, but, I’ve gotta do it. My way of tackling it as this time of year, is giving myself the ultimate challenge. If I can curb my poor eating habits during Christmas, I can keep them up at any time of the year! 

So heres to me, branching out, yet again! 

Chris xo


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