I Want the Praise

Being a parent is a thankless job. 

I think, we can all agree, that we do so much for our kids each and every day, many things they have no idea we do. Like putting your laundry last on the list, and wearing two or three day old pants, so their wash can before first. Or bigger things like not being present for countless girls nights out, just to keep their bedtime routine, a routine. 

So much of our efforts go unnoticed, and without praise. Some days, I want the praise. Not from my kids, because their laughter and smiles at my cooky dance moves is all I could need from them, but from my spouse. 

I know he can see what beautiful, curious, and intelligent little girls we have. I know he notices all of the new words AC picks up, almost a new word everyday lately. I know he sees CC’s little body becoming stronger as she is working harder towards getting onto her hands and knees, to eventually crawl. These things don’t just happen overnight.. We practice, mostly through play, everyday. 

I don’t need to hear everyday that I am doing great, or that I am super mom, although some days I feel I am haha.. Small words of encouragement, or loving praise would be enough. Just tell me that you notice it. Tell me that you notice that I focus on helping AC do things herself, rather than just doing it for her. Tell me that you appreciate me, because after nearly 9 months, I still have not slept straight through the night, having to wake with CC every night (and yes, I mean every. single. night). Tell me that you admire that I can go so long between social interactions without going crazy, that I am nursing and pumping and cleaning and feeding and changing and doing laundry and bathing them and so on and so forth every damn day for our kids.. Something! 

This is just from my perspective. Maybe I don’t get it. Maybe, just maybe, I need to show the same gratitude I so desire from him, to him. Maybe RC feels the same as I. 

But today, I just want the praise. 

Chris xo


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